Dear readers of “The Jump”. I am Adam Bass, your host for the collection of pictures that have made me and many people jump when they have seen them. I am a photographer in profession and while my actual work is somewhere in the jungles of the corporations.

I simply wanted to have a space for expression, in the form of photography. I will be going about as I please and put some photos onto here when I feel the moment is right. I have been to many corners of the world, mainly because of my work of a writer and photographer to several magazines.

So naturally my hard drive is loaded with pictures, many of which are lost for ever. At times I go in deep to the folders, just so see what I can pick up by change. Here I have collected some of the important “jump” moments. They could be from anywhere, from the jungles of the Amazon to the streets of Beijing. Expect the non-expected!


Yours sincerely,