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A Jump From ExpressVPN Delight!

A Jump From ExpressVPN Delight!

This is a totally fun picture of me jumping in joy, was when I found the 30 DAYS FREE, ExpressVPN discount coupon which made me finally register for the wonderful service. You might think that I get happy from little things, but this actually has been a big step and jump in my life. That is to change myself to the new kind of VPN life style, which means good bye big brother and hello internet privacy. Something that we should all be fighting for in my humble opinion. Who is it that decides what information is used and how. This decision should be our own and make us stronger as people because we know that are free. It doesn’t make us do any bad things, instead it makes us feel more united when we know that there is no worry over expressing our feelings and thoughts without restriction.

Perhaps, internet is the only thing that can save the planet. Honestly. And My change to ExpressVPN was just one in the many of bright lights that lit up at night, in my secret computer cave. Just kidding. Anyway, do check out the link if you are interested in a discount, that should motivate you to change to the new coming VPN times! –Adam Bass

Stunning Beauty of Biwako Lake Japan

Stunning Beauty of Biwako Lake Japan

Japan is one of my favourite places to travel. It’s really a place with so many hidden gems and places that are not well known by ordinary tourists. One such area is the historically important Shiga prefecture in Japan. Here the Samurai spirit is strong and the nature is incredibly beautiful. Up to the point that sometimes it just hurts my eyes! But the best bit, is the lake “Biwako”, or Lake Biwako as it’s called in English. It’s so huge and beautiful that it looks almost like the sea, surrounded by mountains of course. This picture looks as if the boat was floating on top of the sky doesn’t it! One of my favourites for kicking back, relaxing and taking gorgeus pictures of course!=)

Fun Chaoyang Acrobatics Performing in Beijing China

Fun Chaoyang Acrobatics Performing in Beijing China

One of the most fun moments in China, has to be the from the Beijing Chaoyang Theatre which hosts one of the most fantastic acrobatic shows, ever! In the above picture, a couple is hanging from the sealing creating a beautiful effect of majestic feats. A famous acrobatic feat known as “silk hanging”, is just one of the many traditional performances in this world famous show that is both thrilling and emotionally effective. Where else can we find such unique theatre moments than Beijing, China! After years of experience, chaoyang acrobatics has become an all time favourite. Enjoy the fun!

Glass of Chinese Beer

A completely ordinary sight in China. No one even remembers was someone drunk or not, it’s just an every day occurrence to leave bottles lying on the restaurant floors and streets. Nothing to see here, just move a long and drink your medicine.

Flock of Birds

Are the birds pausing in the sky, or is it the photograph pausing. Probably both. But this pictures make one feel like at now. Sky and the birds are a comfortable feeling.

Tokyo Time

The thrill and excitement in one of the largest cities in the world is captivating. But at the same time, isn’t it a huge distraction from what is really important in life. Time and pace is fast, it takes you but really to where. In the end, it’s just one path of many possible.

When you get that “jump” in your heart as you witness something beautiful. In Xian, this dazzling show of beauty is filled with such moments. Elegantly and every so gently, all orchestrated by an intense & traditional Chinese orchestra. Balance can be found from interesting places, especially in thisĀ Tang Dynasty Palace performance, which has become famous all around China.

Norwegian artist

This Norwegian artist, has managed to balance art works in the most incredible of places. Take for example, this amazing mountain landscape, with vast space!

Seoul Has Soul

Seoul is the city with Soul.


Life is just one big rollercoaster, at it’s best!

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